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Smart Repairs

Lease Returns

How to Avoid Lease Return Penalty Charges.

Wow Factors specialise in lease return preparation. We can inspect the vehicle and offer advice on what should be corrected, allowing for fair wear and tear, and therefore ensuring you are not penalised by the leasing company for returning a vehicle in need of repair or valeting.

Cigarette Burns

Velour/Cloth burn £ 60.00 per burn
Leather burn £ 80.00 per burn

Wow factors can repair cigarette burn holes on leather and velour /cloths materials. WOW Factors provides car cigarette burn and hole repairs across Kent, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks and most of the Home Counties.

Please note that due to the nature of this service we only provide this across a 25 mile radius of Oprington

Dashboard Holes

From          £ 40.00 per repair

Wow factors can repair small dashboard holes caused by phone holders, etc as well as small cracks and scratches on hard plastics.

Leather Repairs

From          £ £65.00 per repair

Wow Factors can repaint and match the colour of your worn leather interior, using a water-based paint system, to help restore the original look of your interior. If your leather is looking tired or you need professional leather connolising for your car, WOW Factors can help.

Window Screen Chips

£ 40.00

Wow Factors can repair laminated windscreen chips and small cracks to MOT standard. If your windscreen has recently incurred a chip or small crack, we can improve both the look and strength of your screen, effectively reducing the risk of further cracking.

Bumper Scuffs

Colour-coded bumper scuffs from £ 85.00 per corner
Colour-coded wing mirror casings £ 45.00 per repair
Other colour-coded plastic
repairs from
£ 80.00

Textured bumper repairs - £45.00 (per corner)

Wow factors offer a same day repair service for scuffs ,small dents, and cracks to colour-coded and textured bumpers, wing mirror casings, and plastic trim.

Paintless Dent Removal

Dent repairs from           £ 50.00 per repair

(Discounts apply for more than one dent.)

Wow Factors offer a Paintless Dent Removal service that will improve the look and value of your vehicle. Each dent can be massaged back into shape using our PDR tools.

Please note: That for a 100% dent removal, we will need full access behind the damaged areas, and the paint service must not be broken. We always aim for 100% dent removal, but this is not always possible due to the nature and position of some dents. On inspection, we can calculate what can be achieved.

For effective repairs, we tackle no dent larger than tennis ball size.

Wheel Scuffs

”Wow Factors offer same day repair service for scuffed, chipped and corroded alloy wheels. For Polished and diamond cut wheels, please contact us as this type of repair is not available on a mobile basis.

From£ 50.00

You won’t find Wow Factors using….

  • Traffic Film Remover
  • Gritty Sponges
  • Dirty Chamois / Cloths
  • Acid Wheel Cleaners
  • Squeedgy Blades
  • Circular Wash Motions
  • Slimey Silicon
  • Sticky Tyre Shine
  • Cherry Air fresheners

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